How to Root the Samsung Exhilarate on AT&T (SGH-i577)

The Samsung Exhilarate is a pretty packed device considering its specs – 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 1 gig of RAM and a decent 4.0 inch sAMOLED display but what bugs me is that it comes with Gingerbread 2.3.6 on board, which is pretty lame especially since Ice-Cream Sandwich was ripe enough for the picking when the device was released (June 2012).  But all hope is not lost yet as the device might still be on the rosters to get updated to ICS in the future, or even Jelly Bean if AT&T/Samsung decide to do so.

Coming back to rooting this device, the post below will show you how to do exactly that and easily so if you know your way around using Odin.  If you don’t, no matter as we will show you how!

I.  Prerequisites

1.  As always, back up anything you feel is important before you proceed.

2.  Make sure you have the necessary drivers installed before you proceed; if not, use the next section to download and install them before you proceed.

3.  Ensure that your device is at least 75% charged before you continue; this is to prevent it from shutting down during the process and possibly bricking your device.

II.  Downloads


2.  Clockworkmod-Blaze-4G.tar


4.  Galaxy Drivers

III.  Installing ClockworkMod Recovery

1.  Copy you downloaded above to the SD card on your device.

2.  Shut down your device and boot into Download mode.  To do this, press and hold the Volume Up and Down buttons, and then press the Power button.   Release all the buttons as soon as you see the Samsung logo.

3.  Connect your device to your Windows PC.  Windows 7 should automatically install any drivers needed at this point; wait for it to finish before you proceed to the next step.

4.  Extract you download above to a folder on your desktop.

5.  Double-click on Odin 1.85.exe from the extracted folder to run Odin.  You should see the ID:COM box light up yellow, signifying that your device is connected properly to your PC.

6.  Click on the PDA tab, locate and select Clockworkmod-Blaze-4G.tar you downloaded above.

7.  Make sure that Re-Partition is unchecked under the Options section!  This is very important as you could very well brick your device if this is checked!

8.  Check the screenshot below to ensure that your Odin screen looks exactly like this and then click Start.

Your device should now have ClockworkMod Recovery installed after reboot!

IV.  Rooting the Samsung Exhilarate (SGH-i577)

1.  Disconnect your device from your PC.

2.  Power down the device and boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.  You can do this by following Step 2 in the previous section.

3.  Use the Menu button (down) and the Home button (up) to highlight Install zip from SD card.  Press the Search button to select the option.

4.  Locate the you download above on your SD card.

5.  Select Yes – Install Superuser.

6.  Reboot your device once done.

Your device should now be rooted!  But wait, there’s a small snag you need to get past before your device is fully functional; the buttons at the bottom may have stopped working.  If this is the case:

i.  Boot up your phone normally to Android.

ii.  Dial *#*#2663#*#* using your phone dialer app.

iii.  Tap the Touch key FW update option.

Your buttons should be functional now!

All thanks go to Black-wolf on XDA for this easy-to-use solution and Shabbypenguin for the root CWM file!  If you liked their work, a thank you wouldn’t hurt!!


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